Detailed Information

SATURDAY JUNE 19th @ 9:30 A.M. AT SITE #1
384 East AVE. (Co. Rd. 4), Oswego ( Oswego County) NY 13126 (Between Rochester and Syracuse)
From State Route 104 in Oswego turn south onto East 10th Street at light, follow 5 blocks to second stop sign, make left at Church Street
which quickly becomes East Avenue, cross tracks and buildings on both sides of street.
Having discontinued farming and retired, selling will be a very well kept and well maintained line-up!
SHARP S.P. SPRAYER: JD 4630 narrow frame self propelled sprayer, 420/85R34 row crop tires, 600 gal. poly tank, 80 ft. booms with height control, triple nozzle bodies, 2630 touch screen display, Starfire 3000 GPS receiver, AutoStar activation, swath control activities, etc.! Selling separately will be a set of four (4) 600/70R30 flotation tires, like new!
EIGHTEEN TRACTORS: Kubota M126X rear track cab tractor, 16 in. wide tr acks, 14.9×24 front tires, 12 front weights, 2 remotes, power shift, left hand reverser, 1089 hrs.! Kubota M6040 open station 4×4, only 665 hrs., (app. 63 h.p.) hyd. shuttle, 2 remotes, 14.9×28 rear and 9.5×24 front tires, selling complete with LA1153 quick attach loader with quick attach 72 in. bucket; Mahindra 7010 4×4 cab tractor, 2044 hrs., 3 remotes, 16.9×30 rear and 11.2×24 front tires, complete with ML170 quick attach loader with quick attach 84 in. bucket; Case 1594 4×4, 4 post canopy, front flat weights, 2 remotes, 18.4×34 rear tires and snap on duals, 13.6×24 front tires, unknown hrs.; JD 2750 Mudder Special 8 sp., 2 remotes, 13.6×46 rear and 13.6×36 front tires, 7500 hrs.; JD 2940 MFWD, 2 post ROPS canopy, 2 remotes, 18.4×34 and 13.6×24 tires; JD 850 diesel, open, 8 sp., 2 remotes, custom 8.3×36 tires, wheel spacers, (currently 68 in centers) sells complete with 4 row nitrate applicator for lettuce, only 750 hrs.; JD 850 diesel, open, 8 sp., 2 remotes, 11.2×28 rear tires, 1409 hrs.; JD 850 diesel, open, 8 sp., 9.5×42 custom rim rear tires, 60 in. centers, 1411 hrs.; JD 950 diesel, open, 8 sp., 2 remotes, 8.3×36 rear tires, 3110 hrs.; “Same Centro 80” 4×4 tractor; Seven (7) A.C. “G” tractors (manual and hyd.) some ‚ÄúG‚Äù attachments;
HEAVY EQUIPMENT: Case 584E diesel 4×4 outdoor (rough terrain) forklift, 5181 hrs., side shift, tile, 14 ft. lift, 19.5L24 front and 12×16.5 rear tires; Clark C500Y diesel out-door heavy duty forklift, dual front wheels, app. 14 ft. lift, app. 13,000 lb. lift; Clark gas power heavy duty outdoor forklift, dual front wheels, app. 18 ft. lift; CAT 215 Excavator, 28 in. wide steel tracks, 74 in. ditching bucket, 30 in. trenching bucket; Group of Nine (9) Swamp Pads for excavator, (real good condition) measure 9 in. x 20 in. and 32 ft. long; Case 350B diesel dozer, 6 way, 6 ft. blade, p.t.o., draw bar and 3 remotes, 3800 hrs.; A.C. HD3 crawler, diesel, p.t.o., 1 set of remotes, straight blade; 2006 Eager Beaver “Hi-Ten-sile” 20XPT equipment trailer, 20 ton (48,380 GVWR) 19 ft. deck plus 6 ft. beaver tail with fold over ramps; Crisafulli portable ditch pump; Lg. ripping tooth for heavy duty excavator; 1,000 gal. diesel tank with nearly new Fill-Rite 20 g.p.m. elect. pump, all within a full self-containment unit; 1,000 gal. gas tank, Fill-Rite pump, 15 g.p.m.; Burnett concrete containment unit for a 1,000 gal. tank; Three (3) fuel skid tanks with hand pumps; Two (2) pickup mt. diesel tanks with 12 volt elect. pumps;
TRUCKS: 1999 IH 8100 diesel full 10-wheeler, CAT diesel, auto. trans., 21 ft. diamond steel flat bed with stake pockets; Four (4) Army 14 wheelers (all drive) duel tri-axles, multi-fuel (2) 19 ft. flat beds, (1) 20 ft. flat bed, (1) 18 ft. bed; Army 10-wheeler (all drive) multi-fuel, 18 ft. bed; Ca. early 1950’s Ford dual wheel 1-ton cab and chassis, almost totally refinished; Some good truck tires on rims, PLUS a Qty. of Army truck tires on rims!
FIELD EQUIPMENT: Like brand New Monosem “MS” 8 single row‚“version A” precision planter currently on 10 in. centers, only planted about 600 muckland acres! (extra planter unit sells separately); Four (4) Air Flow 2 row pull type onion harvesters with bin platforms, each with JD power unit; Two (2) Air Flow 4 row onion windrowers; Shuknecht pull type onion bedder with 8 Stan Hay units; Shuknecht 3 pt. 8-row planter; Custom Built 8 row onion hole puncher, draw bar pull; Shuknecht 3 pt. p.t.o. onion undercutter; 1350 black and 1200 white pallet box drying lids in lots of 50; App. 7000 bungy cords sold in lots; Bush Hog heavy duty 10 ft. transport disk; Case IH 125 4-b. roll over plow; Steel tow behind double spinner fert. spreader, app. 2 1/2 ton, hyd. spinners, ground speed drive; Glencoe 9 shank tow type chisel plow; 3 pt. 9 ft. disk; JD “AW“ 14 and 12 ft. transport disks; Bush Hog 1432 10 ft. transport disk with Century 200 gal. poly mt. tank; Arps 84 in. 3 pt. snowblower; Curtiss 7’ ft. Universal skid steer mt. push blade; 12 ft. long x 8 ft. wide flat rack wagon; Homebuilt 4 bed (18 in. beds) onion bedder; Two (2) 3 pt. Budda basket type weeders, 11 1/2 ft.; Three (3) tow behind roller box trailers;
OTHER SPRAYERS: Snyder 1600 gal. horizontal spray mix tank with chem. inductor and two (2) Honda engines; FMC and John Bean 600 gal. s.s. tanks, tandem axle spray-ers each with 80 ft. booms, elect. shut offs; Twin 150 gal. saddle tanks new with Honda pump engine; Century 400 gal. poly tank with cradles; FMC 200 gal. tank with app. 22 ft. 3 section boom; Ace Roto-Mold brand new 200 gal. poly saddle tanks with brackets; John Blue 3 pt. dual zone 21 shank soils fumigator, ground driven, 200 gal. poly tank; 3 pt. 75 gal. spray tank with Myers pump; 11 ft. full mt. 8 row shield sprayer used for lettuce; 3 pt. 8 ft. 13 coil shank fumigator with end wheel drive with app. 50 gal. s.s. tank;
IRRIGATION: JD 4 cyl. diesel unit with only 199 hrs., on cart with self-contained fuel tank, Berkeley B4J0BH 6×4 pump, hand primer; Ferbo 1250 ft. x 3 in. hard hose, single axle, turn table, gun cart with Nelson 150 gun; 30 pcs. Tico 6 in. x 40 ft. alum. pipe; App. 100 pcs. Tico 4 in. x 40 ft. alum. pipe; Three (3) irrigation pipe trailers; Some pipe accessories for above; Two (2) Hale 50 p.t.o. trailer pumps; Caprari trailer type DMR80 p.t.o. pump, (3×4) hand primer (ran the hard hose); Ford gas stationary pump with Marlo unit, hand primer;
ACCESSORIES: 85R34 almost new tread tires for a self-propelled sprayer; Brand new “in crate” custom S.S. exhaust hood with fan; Ansil fire hood system; Traulson S.S. triple unit cooler/heater with 2 doors on left for ref. and 1 door on right to heat (from local school); Miller SRH-444 (3 pt.) 400 amp welder; 40 Kwik Lok semi-automatic bag closing machines; Kwik Lok ‚“strip lock” pallet bag closers; Plus a Few Misc. odd lot items of interest!!
SITE #2 “VERY NICE” PACKING HOUSE! (Will move to there app. 1:30 p.m.)
(Located along County Road 4 app. 5 miles east of the Main Auction Site on the south side of the road)
SPECIALTY CUSTOM 48 EMPTY PALLET BOX TRUCK is a 1994 IH S 1900 full 10-wheeler, diesel, power, 322,000 miles, standard trans., custom designed with 31 linear feet of 3 rows of rollers (2 boxes fit side by side) hyd. lift for easy roll-off, rams positioned to hold boxes back against damage. A Unique Specialty Rig!! Sells after pallet boxes. App. 4500 wooden pallet boxes excellent condition, standard size, nestable; Shuknecht 60 in. x 5 ft. long onion topper only used 3 months, like new!; Haines 48 in. x 6 ft. onion topper; EDP-GS2150 computer head on 4 head auto. rotary bagger model AB1803DF; Haines 2 station manual bagger; Toyota model 42, 3200 lb. Forklift, 360 degree turn head, 2 stage app. 16 ft. lift, side shift, solid tires; Clark GCX25E Forklift, 360 degree turn head, side shift, 16 ft. 2 stage lift, solid tires; Nicholson palletizer/stacker unit with corrugated belt; Nicholson double sided pallet stacking unit, turntable, each pallet station is 50x40x78 in. high; Two (2) pallet scales with electronic heads, one has auto. shut-off; Two (2) Aerovent skin blowers; Group of new 25 and 50 lb. mesh bags; Warehouse exhaust fans;
NOTE: The Balance is all by Haines “H” (Avoca, New York)
Haines (H) 12 belted chain 12 ft. bulk body type receiving hopper; Two (2) H 7 1/2 x 6 ft. power hoppers; H 48 in. chain sizer with 2 trash conveyors; Large selection of good 48 in. sizer chain!!; H 48 in. x 11 ft. roller inspection table with 4 pick out shuts and underside trash conveyor; H another 48 in. x 4 ft. chain sizer; H 12 in. x 13 ft. trash conveyor; H 24 in. x 7 ft. flat belt; H 48 in. x 6 1/2 ft. flat belt with 3 ft. undermount sliding extension; H 48 in. x 6 ft. cleaner (8 rubber nob rolls to 7 bristle brushes); H 20 in. x 36 ft. flat belt trash conveyor; H 36 in. x 16 ft. belted draper chain elevator; H 48 in. x 7 ft. flat belt; H 40 in. x 5 ft. flat belt conveyor; H 18 in. x 4 1/2 ft. corrugated belt conveyor; H 48 in. x 4 ft. stiff bristle brusher; H 48 in. x 4 ft. rubber roll brusher; H 40 in. x 7 ft. portable dirt eliminator; H 36 in. x 10 ft. draper chain dirt eliminator with belted rubber coated chain; H 24 in. x 9 ft. flighted belt conveyor; H 36 in. x 5 ft. chain sizer; H 24 in. x 14 ft. flat belt conveyor;
A large sale of general and specialized cared for equipment!
Please Note Sale Order! 9:30 A.M. Main Office/Warehouse Complex then MOVING after that sale is complete to the Packing House app. 1:30 P.M.
Lunch and Comfort Facilities on site!
TERMS: (In U.S. Dollars) CASH. Honorable checks will be accepted from known customers in good standing with either the Auction Company or Owner.
UNKNOWN Persons will need a currently dated letter of good standing from their financial institution, on proper letterhead and officially signed. Unknown persons may pay sale day and leave their purchased item/items until their check can be cleared or otherwise proven positive! NOTHING is to be removed until property settled for in full sale day!
Can’t Attend? We will accept “absentee bids” from Customers in good standing or with proper references, in writing VIA US Mail; Email:; or Fax: 585-728-3378; to the Auction Company at least two (2) days prior to sale day! Specifically detail the item you are bidding on and the price you are willing to bid up to. OR we will call you just prior to the item of your interest and let you bid by phone. HOWEVER there is NO Cell Service at the Packing House. Monies will need to be wire transferred within two (2) business days OR by Cashier’s Check through Priority Mail. NOTHING leaves until monies are received. NO GAMES!!
Owned by A. Ferlito Farms, Inc.
For Specific Information CONTACT Joseph Ferlito – Cell #315-591-4448 OR Office #315-343-1845 OR Ask Specific Questions by Email to:
Phone 585-728-2520 Fax 585-728-3378
Email: • Webpage:
(Watch for last minute (app. 1 week) pictures as we empty buildings!