All Breed Spring Production Sale

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Another sale to watch for!
All Breed spring Production sale
SATURDAY, May 8 – 11:30 A.M. – Sale to be held at Hosking Sales Facility
Directions: 6096 NYS Route 8, New Berlin, NY 13411. 30 miles South of Utica on R oute 8, 6 miles North of New Berlin
We will be selling Holsteins, Jerseys & Ayrshires. This sale is full now selling 120+ head of fancy, fresh young
cows, deep pedigree heifers and cows, and that special show-age heifer! A little something here for everyone.
A few special highlights: Featuring LuiVu Holsteins Dispersal 40 cows with a few R&W’s and a lot of RC. DHI RHA 23,027 3.9 899 2.9 677, SCC 140,000. Last test ave 80#/day with 12 over 100# up to 121#. Tremendous uddered herd ready to go home and work! Sires represented: Airlift, McCutchen, Diamondback, Mogul, Armani, Defiant, Corvette, Dempsey plus more.

BVK Atwood Abbie-ET
2E-95 6Y EEEEE
National Elite Performer
Selling her Fancy gr’dtr bred heifer sired by Solomon due in May to Amaretto w/ultrasound heifer, dam EX-90 @ 5Y w/over 1100 F, 2D: Abbie 2E-95, 3D: Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen-ET 2E-94!, 4D: Star-buck Ada 2E-94 and Abbie’s other gr’dtr also sired by Solomon due in May to Dice. Her dam VG-86 @ 3 yrs. both heifers will catch your eye. Watch for the special group from Sweet-Peas – a fresh Blake with 2 EX dams, looks great; a fresh Solo-mon dam 2E-92 Atwood Alaura, next dam 2E-96 Ashlyn!; a Wind-hammer bred heifer due May to Unstopabul with 3 EX dams up to 2E-94! Watch for the 2 special Winter calves – one R&W sired by Altitude-Red, her dam working on her 2Y record, 2D: CS-Redvue Dir Drose-Red-ET 2E-90 followed by 7 more EX dams to the August Family. Another Winter calf sired by Moovin, her dam GP-83 @ 2Y, 2D: Sweet-Peas Atwod Marissa-ET 2E-94 w/over 1500f, 3D: Arethusa Dun-dee Melissa-ET EX-93, 4D: Hillcroft Leader Melanie 3E-96! These pedi-grees just keep going on and on.

Cowtown Durham Luella-ET
2W-94 EEEE
Selling her Fancy Winter calf sired by Cinderdoor – 2D: Elleeta Sky-buck Lucy 3E-95 @ 10Y.
Boardwalk Holsteins

Big Guns Jamaica Vanilla
EX-95 @ 9Y
5-03 305 22,215 4.5 1000 3.6 800 Show winning Family
Selling a Fresh gr’dtr sired by An-dreas fresh again the second time as a 2 yr old! Dam EX-91, 2D: Vanilla – this family needs no introduction in the Jersey world.
Higher Plains Genetics

Silver-Spoon – Don’t miss this group! A fancy Spring calf sired by Summer-fest from 2 VG dams, 3D: EX-91! Also they send a great uddered milking age cows, 1 R&W, and 2 bred heifers all sired by Bailey, California, Riley-Red, Addiction-P, Aftershock. This group will not disappoint you, they send a group you will always be happy with.
Deckertown Holsteins sends 3 Fancy show-age heifers – 2 Fall calves, Rusty-Red & Dundee with great pedigrees. Look for the Fall calf sired by Undenied, dam working on her 2Y record, 2D: VG-86, 4D: Rainy- ridge Destiny Bianca-ET EX-93, 5D: Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95! Followed by 3 more EX.

Mac-Mara has a fancy 3 yr., will sell fresh scored VG-86 @ 2Y, next 4 dams are EX.
Tarcon Farm sends a group of bred heifers due to sexed Warrior sire by Drake & Jordy with deep pedigrees.
Locust-Vale has a group of young fresh cows & bred heifers, a few R&W – fresh cows sired by Attico, Rager-Red others Adonis, Jackpot, Salvatore plus more.
Collins-Crest, a long established breeding herd, sends 20 head with deep solid pedigrees 10 milking age and their offspring.
Watch for more consignments from Cooper Jerseys, Monument Jerseys, Lantland Farm, Curley-Dell, GMC plus more.

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Mgrs Note: A sale you do not want to miss if you are looking for Milk, Deep pedigrees, plenty of fancy show age heifers & cows – this is just a sample of what to expect!
Sale Staff:
Tom Hosking Auctioneer 607-972-1770
Dan Hosking Auctioneer 607-972-8773
Jarrod Burleigh Pedigrees 570-772-3542
Dan Stoltzfus …………717-283-7282
Larry Hill ……………….716-680-5116

Tom & Brenda Hosking and Family
6071 State Hwy. 8, New Berlin, NY 13411
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